About us

InterBurgo will always strive to be the most respected in the business.
A friendly village where everyone is of same mind and heart!
Our company name 'Inter-Burgo' means "a friendly village where eveyone is of same mind and heart" and contains the founder's management philosophy:"people with same mind and
heart gathering together to live together wholeheartedly with integrity"
Business InterBurgo Europe (IBE) is leader in the import, trade and distribution of retail and wholesale food from Korea and Japan in all of Europe.
Our philosophy is to become the most respected company.
For this reason, we concentrate our efforts for the satisfaction of the customers, and promote Korean and Japanese food in all European local markets.
We are engaged with the selection of best quality, providing a variety of products, and a fast and reliable distribution.
Address. Groothandelsmarkt 198, 3044 HG Rotterdam. The Netherlands
Email.  help.on@interburgo.nl 
Offline Shop. Open Tue-Sat. 10:00 – 17:00 / Closed Sun-Mon
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